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Teeth Whitening!


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Luks Teeth Whitening FAQ

Who qualifies for teeth whitening?
Anyone age 18 and over who demonstrates good oral health - OR - with parental consent, anyone under age 18 with a fully erupted permanent dentition who also demonstrates good oral health. 
What are the benefits of in-office teeth whitening?
In-office whitening agents are delivered in higher concentrations with the addition of LED light to speed up the process. It’s fast, easy and immediate.
What results can be expected?
With Brilliance 20 teeth can become 2-8 shades whiter in a single appointment.
How long does in-office teeth whitening take?
Appointments are booked for an hour but the actual whitening process takes 20 minutes.
Are there any side-effects to teeth whitening?
Tooth sensitivity has historically been an issue with tooth whitening but Brilliance 20 contains potassium nitrate as a de-sensitizer to eliminate or significantly reduce sensitivity for an improved patient experience.