"Making Girls Smile" is a mentoring program developed to inspire young women. Dr. Virginia Luks proudly designed this mentoring experience for girls in 2008 as part of a self-expression and leadership course. Several girls have already participated in and completed the program. Dr. Luks has shared the concept with other female orthodontic colleagues in an effort to further increase the impact on teenage girls.

As a way to serve her community, Dr. Luks wanted to give young women an opportunity to learn about orthodontics. It is her hope that this experience may help girls identify orthodontics, or another health profession, as a possible career choice. The goals and outcomes of the program are as follows:

  • Observe the positive impact orthodontics can make on a patient's life.

  • Participate in the clinic assisting in the delivery of patient care.

  • Experience social interaction with fellow team members.

  • Develop organizational and multi-tasking skills.

  • Learn basic knowledge of office administration.

Our practice invites female high school students aged 15-18 to apply by resume for a position in this exceptional program. An average placement period extends 3-4 months with a commitment of 2-4 half-days per week. Alternatively, an intense summer placement can be arranged for 4 full weekdays. It is not necessary to be part of a formal school co-op program to participate.

Our team is excited to be mentors in this inspiring enrichment project. If you and/or your daughter are interested in this incredible occasion for learning...this program is an excellent choice! Please send your resume by email to