In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic; in keeping with our priority to maintain the absolute safety of our team, patients and parents, and, with strong recommendations from our regulatory body (Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario), we at LUKS ORTHODONTICS decided to postpone all non-essential office visits. As such, all previously scheduled appointments until and including May 11th, or until further notice, are hereby cancelled. As we are neither equipped with the required Personal Protective Equipment to provide emergency care we are deferring emergent services to the Dental Emergency Service; 416-485-7121. In dentistry, a “true emergency situation” includes oral-facial trauma, significant infection, prolonged bleeding or acute pain which cannot be managed by over-the-counter medications.  For all other problems please email Dr. Luks with photos so that she may be able to help with advice;


The dental profession is highly regulated when it comes to cross-contamination and infection control and we at LUKS ORTHODONTICS always operate in accordance with all regulations with that respect. Nonetheless, orthodontists and dental assistants/hygienists are very likely to be vulnerable to this particular virus, as we are exposed to a high quantity of aerosol and salivary particles. Due to Covid-19’s high infectiousness and the absolute need to slow down the spread of this virus, the responsible action is to limit the possible exposure to everyone. It is our goal that everyone at LUKS ORTHODONTICS remain in optimal health such that when we are permitted to re-open, we will be able to serve you and be open additional days and hours as it becomes necessary.


Though this is an inconvenience for all involved, delaying orthodontic visits on the short-term is unlikely to cause any significant harm, as long as you are brushing your teeth regularly, keeping ideal oral hygiene standards and following the instructions which are summarized below. These instructions are for those under treatment with fixed braces, Invisalign, or an interceptive treatment with an expander or in retention with fixed and removable retainers: Please follow these instructions to help minimize any potential problems:


  • Maintain excellent oral hygiene, including brushing after meals and flossing daily

  • Consider purchasing a fluoride rinse from your local pharmacy

  • Avoid excessive consumption of sweetened beverages or foods (candies)

  • For patients in fixed braces, avoid hard foods to prevent breakages

  • If you have an expander that requires you to turn it- STOP turning the expander until we resume normally scheduled visits

  • If you are in fixed braces or Invisalign and are using elastics, MOVE TO WEARING ELASTICS AT NIGHT-TIME ONLY until we resume normally scheduled visits, in the pattern you were instructed at your last visit

  • If you have Carriere appliances on the upper teeth and lower braces, continue to change your elastic every four hours

  • For those who have finished their treatment and are wearing removable retainers, follow the instructions that were provided at your last visit regarding the wear-time of your retainers

  • If you have broken brackets/arch wires or your bonded retainers break or become loose, please email Dr. Luks at with the photos/specifics so we can put you on a priority list of first patients to be seen upon our return

  •  If you are an Invisalign patient, consider changing your aligners every 2 or 3 weeks

  • If your next appointment at our office was to be delivered removable retainers, or additional aligners we have already placed you on our priority list


We certainly understand that this closure may delay your treatment.  However, we want you to rest assured that we will do our utmost to complete your treatment as expeditiously as possible, as soon as we are able to resume normal operations.


Being optimistic that closures will be lifted in the near future, contract payments will continue to be charged since as you are aware these payments are not associated with appointments.  Treatment results will be completed without any compromise to an ideal finish.  Treatment times may extend longer as a result of the closure due to the pandemic, but additional fees will not be applied for this reason.


Wishing you and your families health and well-being,